Anne Martin believes that wine tasting should be fun and accessible.
"My goal is to get people interested and excited about wine," says Martin. "I'm constantly surprised to hear so many people say they are intimidated by wine tasting. I try to dispel
any pretense about wine and make it a truly welcoming, interactive experience."

As a certified sommelier with over 25 years of experience, Anne Martin became one of
the first female sommeliers in Toronto, at Prego della Piazza, and went on to serve as head sommelier at the highly regarded Canoe Restaurant and Bar. Martin is also a qualified chef, bringing a holistic approach to wine and food.

With the launch of her own company, Anne Martin Wine Services, she now shares her expertise and passion with beginners and serious collectors alike. Anne Martin Wine
Services offers wine education, consulting and tastings for both private individuals and corporate clients.

Anne Martin proves that tasting and appreciating wine can be both sophisticated and fun on any budget.

Malcolm Jolley,